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Why having a will is important

I have handled many probates without a will and have almost always found them to be more complicated than those with a will. Often the applicable statutory distribution laws are not satisfactory to the beneficiaries and are not in accordance with the deceased pre-death wishes. I always recommend that everyone (even if the value of …

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An Interesting Case

Sometimes, a designated Trustee or Personal Representative fails to fulfill their responsibilities. In one of those situations, I represented a decedent’s two daughters who were the only beneficiaries of their father’s estate. Since the Trustee was not performing her duties, the daughters wanted her replaced by someone they knew and trusted. I was able to …

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A Frantic Call

In 2020, I received a frantic call from the mother of a 30 year old man who suffered a brain injury in a motorcycle accident. He was unconscious and his mother wanted him to be moved to a specialized rehabilitation facility as soon as possible. Since he was an adult, she did not have the …

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