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Estate planning and probates can be confusing and intimidating.  Furthermore, each family is unique and requires unique solutions.  My goal is to provide you with compassionate advice while ensuring that my services remain affordable.

It's Smart To Plan

Peace of Mind

Having an estate plan and a will offers great peace of mind. Yet, the planning for and administration of an estate can be a complicated process.

The first step is to choose an attorney who will take time to understand your wishes and personally guide you and your personal representative through the process now and after your death.  You need a local Tallahassee attorney who will be there for you.

I have been that attorney for many North Florida families and would be honored to help you.  If you are in Tallahassee or the surrounding areas please contact me for a consultation.

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Preserving Your Loved One’s Rights

If you have a loved one who is no longer competent to make reasoned decisions on their own, you need a guardianship to make the process as painless as possible. You need an attorney who will provide compassionate and personal service efficiently and at a reasonable price.

You need an attorney who  understands the court system and will give your matter the attention it requires. That is my goal with every guardianship case I handle.

If you have questions about estate planning, wills, probate or guardianships, I am here to help. Call me at (860) 294-9740.

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Practice Areas

Estate Planning

When minor children and others rely on you for their financial future, a seamless coordination of insurance, trusts or gifts and a will is required.


Without a Will, the distribution of your remaining assets will be governed as a matter of law. To avoid such a result, everyone needs a will. Moreover, a Will usually simplifies probate and reduces administration.


The winding up of your affairs is a technical legal process which allows you or your heirs to move forward unimpeded. An attorney who will give the process the necessary personal attention is a must.


When a loved one is no longer competent to make reasoned decisions on their own, a guardianship provides a legal method of protection. It can be a trying ordeal that requires an attorney who will work diligently to complete the process.

Tallahassee Guardianship Attorney

Why having a will is important

I have handled many probates without a will and have almost always found them to be more complicated than those with a will.  Often the applicable statutory distribution laws are not satisfactory to the beneficiaries and are not in accordance with the deceased pre-death wishes. I always recommend that everyone (even if the value of the estate is small) have a will.

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